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Important Occasions are the printed balloons experts
Whether you need custom balloons for a birthday, corporate function, wedding or event, our state of the art technology will ensure we deliver a quality product, fast. We'll print both small and large orders, and have delivery available UK wide.
We are especially mindful of our clients' promotional objectives and put special effort into ensuring that their printed balloons look fantastic, show their benefits and add value to each promotion..

Quality Printed Balloons

  • All your printed balloon requirements and expectations will be met and exceeded by us
  • Our commitment to assist you with your needs is our first objective
  • We do everything in house allowing us to serve your needs quickly and efficiently
  • Need design help? We are happy to help you with design if required
  • We only use helium quality, fully biodegradable balloons for all our printed balloons
  • Printed balloons will get you noticed!

Use custom printed balloons to mark an event location

Increase traffic at grand openings and sales events

Promote new products and services with branded balloons

Announce a company expansion or name change

More About Balloons

1Impact of balloon arches
Another popular feature is a balloon arch. The customized balloons can be tied to a long piece of fishing wire and held down with weights at either end. The helium filled balloons will create a lift and an arch effect.
Depending on the amount of balloons on the arch, more than balloon weight may need to be tied to each end. Alternatively, fill water into a spare balloon and knot tightly. This will provide quite a heavy weight. Loose ribbon needs to be curled to look complete. this can be achieved by lightly swiping loose ribbon ends across the blade of a pair a scissors.
2Balloon manufacturers
We use Belbal balloons for our printing. They are regarded as one of the best in the professional balloon industry due to their strong latex, large size and vibrant colours. Other balloon manufacturers offering a similar service include qualatex, Sempertex, Unique party, Everts and Amscan. We use 12" sized for our standard balloon printing. 10" sized balloons are frequently used and are classed as a cheaper budget range. A complete range of balloon sizes are available for personalising balloons including 5", 9", 10",11", 12",15", 18", 30" and 3ft. The most popular custom balloon printing companies are Rifco, polyplate, Gravurequip and Belbal. Basic printers to purchase cost around £6,000 with large ones costing over £100,000. The more advanced custom balloon printers run quicker and require less manual handling, in some cases totally automated. For a complete list of custom balloon printer machines available with chart comparisons visit Max publishing document. Custom printing on balloons uses a process called silk screen printing. Commonly associated with T-shirt customising, a template is made up where ink can be passed through, transferring an image onto the item held against the back of the screen. For personalised balloons, the ink must contain elastic qualities when dried to customise. This enables the design to change shape as the balloon inflates and deflates. Without this the ink would fall off when the personalised balloons stretch. Although the process is still called silk screen printing, the personalized templates don't use silk any more.
3The environmental issues for personalised balloons
Latex is a natural product made from a liquid extracted from a type of rubber tree. The balloons we use for personalised printing degrade in less than 12 months and do not affect the environment. The marine conservation society brought the attention to the world to the dangers of inflating custom balloons and ribbon causing deaths to animals following incorrect materials being used on balloon releases. If your custom balloons are being used for releases please please please follow the industry code of conduct as highlighted by Apia (the balloon & party industry alliance) The code basically requests that nothing is attached to the customized balloon except for official labels. Ribbon is not attached to the printed balloon. Only latex balloons, official balloon printed race labels that decompose quickly and helium is used. The correct balloons are designed to rise only a few miles before bursting into very small fragments. The small fragments are small enough not to cause harm to wildlife and will eventually decompose. For the correct kit visit BOC gases and balloon release packs. Foil personalised balloons must never be released into the skies. Neither should latex balloons with foil ribbon. The Orange & Rockland Pike County light and power company in America have a foil printed balloon awareness page on their website highlighting the dangers to when the printed balloons become tangled up with electric pylons. The UK has less a problem as the printed balloon associations heavily promote to balloon sellers the importance of environmental issues to prevent electric outages and bad publicity for the industry. American news outlets have seen a number of requests to ban such balloons including the LA times which headlined in 2008 the request to ban mylar balloons. Mylar balloons are another name for foil balloons, There have also been concerns in the news in the past about using helium for parties when it's needed for medical use (World helium reserves are running out, Nobel laureate claims). The argument has died down since it was established that it is a different grade of the gas and balloon gas does not effect the supply for more urgent matters. The BBC also ran an article on helium balloons in November 2013 concluding the helium usage in balloons worldwide is so insignificant, banning it would yield lttle change. Like any other resources; concerns are raised when the gas is thought to have less than twenty years supply left, but the news disappears when new reserves are found. On another important point I was watching the film hot shots last night. At one point of the film, three of the main characters were inhaling a non-customized balloon filled with helium. A warning on the screen appeared stating not to do this. It is true that inhaling helium could cause suffocation as helium squeezes parts of the air pipes together causing the voice of change. Whilst the chances of suffocation are slim, the warning have started to appear in this litigious world has people have died as a result of inhaling too much. There are considerably more warning on helium canisters as the volume is greater here than in balloons. Always be safe with customized balloons. For more on helium balloons visit the how stuff works website. Although balloons are designed to burst after a few miles in the air, a team from America designed a space balloon that managed to travel 17 miles high before bursting.
4Some tips about balloon printing
The minimum order is 25 for custom balloons. You may be asking at this point "what if I want 5 personalised balloons?"The time and cost in producing customized balloons is in the production of the template screen. Every new custom balloon design needs a new template. Therefore the cost of producing 5 personalised balloons is the same as producing 25 personalised balloons. It's also why the more balloons purchases, the cost per balloon reduces significantly. To get custom balloons cheap then buy more! Template screens are a wooden frame with a stretched material added with small holes in. A liquid is applied to the material blocking the holes and set to dry. Heavy light burns the dried liquid to permanently seal the holes. The custom image is blocked from the light, thus preventing the small holes on the template from being blocked. The template is washed ready for balloon ink be added to the template and pushed trough onto a balloon when placed on the back of the frame. While the balloons can stay inflated for 16 hours with helium, they will always look at their best within the first 8 hours after inflation. Long fingernails and pine trees, however can burst the printed balloon, causing instant deflation!Inflating with air lasts longer, sometimes days. We have completed a lot of work for exhibitions and shows that last longer than a few days. If you need custom balloons to last week or two, consider using foil balloons. These can last for a fortnight and give a quality image. They are also more robust than latex balloons and don't tend to burst unless high pressure or very sharp objects. Foil balloons can be customized as well. The higher price reflects the higher quality.
5Silk Printing Quality
Silk screen printing can be very messy! The video shows a semi-automated balloon printer where the balloon is inflated and held by hand, while the print process is automated once the foot lever is pressed. All our personalised balloon business comes from the internet, repeat business and word of mouth. The best way we feel to serve the UK is by having a good maintained established UK website and promote our business not to any city but as balloons printing UK. Sorry, but we don't have as balloon printing UK shop to visit. Often called Advertising Balloons, Promotional Balloons, Personalized Balloons and Custom Balloons. So what's the difference? Latex balloons are referred to as personalised balloons or custom balloons. The larger balloons seen at shop openings that frequently resemble the shape of a small airship are known as advertising balloons or promotional balloons. These are also filled with balloon gas. For more about these larger advertising balloons, visit our page: Printing on Giant Balloons.
6Simple secrets of balloon displays
To display the balloons, the most popular option is attaching 3 balloons to a weight with balloon ribbon. The experts say displaying items in an odd number is more pleasing to the eye. For a bigger impact display in bunches of 5,7,9 etc. By making the balloon ribbon longer they can easily be transformed to a floor standing balloon display. When display in bunches the height of each printed balloon can differ. It's best to make all the bunches look identical and this is where a tape measure may come in handy. When placing printed balloons on a table, try to make sure they don't block the vision of people sitting opposite. Don't place the balloons under air conditioned units, fans, draughts or near doors that are in line with a breeze. Hold all balloons in a bunch, measure each balloon ribbon length with a tape measure. At the base of all the ribbon pieces, once measured, fold the ribbon and hook the folded crease line into a balloon weight.
7Making a knots
Some balloon shops forget to demonstrate how to tie a balloon. It sounds simple but everyone had to learn somewhere as it's not so obvious to a lot of people. Try on a few non-customized balloons first before using stocks of personalised balloons. Visit the wiki website on how to tie a balloon for more details with video and pictures. If your organising a balloon release, you will need netting and string.
8Helium for balloons
For large amount of balloons gas contact one of the two main distributors in the UK : boc or Air products. Quite interesting facts about personalised balloons. The fear of balloons is called globophobia. In 2011, a hypnotist on the ITV show "this morning" cured a sufferer of globophobia. Following the hypnotism that was not filmed, the suffer was able to touch some floor balloon displays. Their biggest task was to touch some balloons in a large balloon pool. It has been suggested that the average person in the UK will see a balloon in every week of their life. In the 1990's balloons came into question when suffers of latex allergies hi-lighted the problems that balloons have in their lives. While numbers are uncertain, it is believed in the UK people who suffer allergies to latex is much less than 1% and therefore the question of the existence of balloons has not been questioned. Personalized balloons on television. Adverts give custom balloons some great exposure.
9Deliver areas for balloon printing in the UK
All the big UK places (London, Birmingham, Manchester, Coventry...) and all the smaller places too (Lout, Beverley, Framingham). In fact anywhere in the UK. Please remember to add any instructions when ordering to offices or homes that may be a little hard to locate. We like to help the couriers.
10Custom-Printed Personalised 3ft Wide Balloon
Create a truly spectacular entrance to one of the most special days of your life! Each Balloon is totally unique printed just for you in your choice of colour scheme, logo and wording and are individually printed 360° around the entire balloon. WE CAN PRINT IN ANY LANGUAGE – JUST CONTACT US! Just follow the very simple steps below: let us know your choices of balloon colour, ink colour, logo and most importantly the TEXT you wish to include. For example: Red balloon, White ink, BELLS logo - "Welcome to John+Jane Wedding party 28th July 2014" as the text. We will post your personalised balloon (not inflated) These amazing 3ft balloons are perfect for any occasion and can make your special day an even more magical experience.
1Promotional Party Balloons UK
Our most popular balloon print is for promotional balloons. Companies that promote their logo whilst also brightening up an event. The majority of our promotional work is requested for a 3 day turnaround. I think balloons are sometimes the final item to order or an afterthought. Sometimes companies attend a promotional and suddenly feel that "promotional balloons will make us stand out more". As the request for fast turnaround work has increased, we have made every effort to get printed promotional balloons delivered as quickly as possible.
2The more units ordered, the cost per balloon decreases.
Custom balloon printing uses a special elastic ink onto the latex balloon. This causes the ink to stretch when the custom balloon is inflated. The latex balloons used are made by Belbal. Belbal are industry known for being a high quality balloon. They are designed for weddings and product promotions as the overall size is usually larger and the colours are stronger. Cheaper personalised balloons can be purchased but offer a inferior quality and a smaller size. When choosing balloon colours, consider colour harmonies. This involves looking at a colour wheel and choosing colours that are either on opposite sides of the wheel, next to each other or equal distance apart. Another idea for balloon colours is to select shades. Three different shades of one colour or even one white balloon and two shades of a colour.
3Extend balloon float time with HiFloat
Another alternative is to strengthen the custom balloon using a product called Hi float. This is a liquid latex gel that is added to the inside of the balloon 12 hours before inflating. The gel sets inside the custom balloon and adds an extra layer of latex preventing the gas from seeping out of the balloon. Fi floats website claim the customized balloons will float for 4 weeks using their ultra hi float product.
4Artwork requirements
On our ordering page there is an option to attach a file for the artwork. We can receive most artwork file types with the most popular being pdf, jpg, tiff and png. Please remember to send original good quality large artwork files. If you having a problem with artwork, we can sometimes enhance features and improve balloon printing designs. We will also confirm changes with yourself before starting the print process. Please do not send word processor files (.doc). This type of file does not always store the font information. When we open up the file it will apply alternative font types that may look very different to your personal design. Pdf files also sometimes display alternative fonts. PNG or JPG is best.
5Get printed balloons delivered in 3 days for UK orders
Its takes around a week to get helium balloon printing delivered from your balloon order. This gives us time to enhance artwork, build the screens, complete the print process and get the delivery completed. There is also an option to turn around work quicker when ordering online (around 3 days) with our three day balloon printing service. Extra charges will apply for this service and subject to supplied artwork being submitted correctly. To get helium balloon printing delivered in 3 days (from when the artwork for printing has been approved acceptable) then select this option on the delivery page.
6Save the Date Balloons
Our most popular printing on balloons option is the logo print. More recently we have seen a demand for wedding invitations on a balloon (also known as "save the date" products). We have a lot of ideas for save the date products including a picture example of a customized balloon. Popular around valentines day is the request to print around 50 custom balloons with "Will you marry me" printed on them. How sweet..
7For printed words, choose our message on a balloon option
This option allows text to be typed with the on-line order. The type of font to print can also be chosen from a selection of over 20 fonts. Our third custom balloon option is a mix of the two combinations, where text and message on a balloon from a supplied logo and message is printed. The text can printed anywhere around the logo, above, below, beside or a combination of all. If you have your own design for a wedding or celebration, then use the logo on balloon option. If a photo is rqeuired on the balloon, have a look at our birthday retro style balloon including a photo balloon. This is where we have a retro style design balloon with a clipped image of the birthday person placed onto the top area of the balloon to created a very special personalised balloon. Our final option is the ever-growing supply of balloon designs where the words can be changed to create a personal balloon. Choose from wedding, birthday, new birth, hen party, save the date and marry me titles. All our personalised balloons are printed neck down unless specified. Neck down means the design will read the correct way round when the printed balloon is held with the neck is nearest the floor. Most custom balloons are printed this way. The opposite is neck up. Only request neck up if the custom balloon are to be hung from a ceiling and filled with air to hang down with the neck part of the custom balloon nearest the ceiling. Any designs sent to us must be copyright free or copyright owned. We are unable to print designs, logos and brands that are not registered by yourself. The minimum order for custom balloons is 25 units.
8Balloon Printing : Wedding, Birthday and Chritening balloons
f you don't have a design, have a look out our designs that can be re-worded for your event. We have personalised birthday balloons, personalised wedding balloons, personaised marry me balloons, personalised new born balloons, personalised hen party balloons and personalised save the date balloons.
9We value your ideas
You can always send us a number of ideas and we can draft up a small design from your description. It is possible to send us a photograph to personalise a balloon. The best way to describe this balloon printing process is to draw a picture using one felt tip colour pen only. Our artwork teams will enhance the photo best suited for a one colour print. Please bear in mind that printing photographs in one colour will change the look of the print. We will email you a print proof before printing on balloons. To enhance the picture, we strip away the background and change and convert the remaining to a black and white image. We print onto high quality 12" latex balloons made by Belbal. We are here to help with the artwork issues. A high percentage of printing artwork submitted is usually two small or of poor quality. We will advise on artwork quality before sending it to the print teams. Artwork checking and in some cases enhancements are all included in our standard price and we won't add extra charges. We always personalise your balloons using silk screen printing.
10Few ideas when thinking about artwork and inks.
The best results with ink colours, try to use black or white ink colours that contrast with the balloon colour. Red balloons works well with white ink as shown in the video clip below. When it comes to artwork we convert the image to a single colour. This single colour image can be inverted to provide a bigger impact. This is where the ink and non-inked areas are swapped. Here is an example of inverting the image for our importantoccasions.co.uk logo. On the left hand side, our basic logo in black ink. The right side shows a customized imaged inverted so the logo is shown as the colour of the balloon with the previous clear part of the logo (the box around the words) now shown in ink.